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General Commands
This command you enabled or disable vials fasks when using potions.
This command create your own cast.
This command close your own cast.
!weapon on
This command activates the upgrade token by exp for weapons.
This command shows the currently boosted creature.
Premium Commands
!skull show you how much time is left until you lose your white, red or black skull.
This command is only available to players with a Premium account.
!pz show you how much time is left until you lose PZ-Lock (Protection Zone Lock).
This command is only available to players with a Premium account.

Ultimate Teleport Scroll
It is necessary to have a ultimate teleport scroll
shows a list of all available cities and their ids.
!tp city
Teleports to the desired city.
Example: !tp thais
!house tp
Will teleport you to your house if you have.
!house list
Will open a window with a list of houses to which you have access just select the house and click teleport.
!house name
Teleports to the house by the owner's name.
Example: !house Tibianus
!house number
Teleports to the house by number in which it appears by the !house list
Example: !house 1

Quick Loot
It is necessary to have a quick loot pouch
!quickloot transfer
With this command it is possible to transfer your quickloot pouch from one player to another.
Example: !quickloot transfer,playerName
!quickloot add
With this command it is possible you can add a single item to the list.
Example: !quickloot add,itemName
!quickloot change-list
This command changes the list, being able to better organize your quickloot for different hunts locations, the maximum number of lists the player has is 10.
Example: !quickloot change-list,7
!quickloot show
Show list your current quicklooting items.
!quickloot clear
Clear all your current quicklooting items from the selected list.
!quickloot monster
With this command you can see all items of a certain creature, the chance of drop and the number of items.
Example: !quickloot monster,monsterName

Pet Commands
To feed your pet throw food in front of it.
!pet will wake up or put your pet to sleep
!petstats will show you the stats of your pet
!petdamage for 60 minutes your pet will show the maximum damage of its attacks within the trainer zones. You can use this command again after 20hr.
!petname writenamehere will give the name writenamehere to your pet.
Warning: You can give a name to your pet only once!
To rename again, you need to buy a pet name change from the store.
!releasepet will set your pet free (you will lose your pet)
Warning: You won't be able to get your pet back once you use this command, but you can get a new pet
!petconfig hotkey/combo/default displays your pet's configuration settings, and their current values.
!petdistance value sets the "Combat Distance" setting to value
Min. value: 1 (very close) Max. value: 4 (very far)
Example: !petdistance 3

House Commands
!sellhouse name (where name is the name of the buyer) starts a trade with the buyer. If you sell your house the items inside will be automatically send to your depot
!leavehouse quits the renting of a house when spelled inside a house
aleta sio edits the Guests list
aleta som edits the Sub-Owners list
aleta grav (in front of a door) edits the list of allowed people to close and open the door
alana sio name (where name is the name of the player to be kicked) kicks a player that is inside the house
There are a number of abbreviations to assist owners in editing lists of rights:
* can replace a longer string of letters
Guild leaders can use special patterns to mark all guildmembers adding to their guests/sub-owner/door list @Guild Name (where Guild Name is the name of the guild and it is case sensitive)

Senior Tutor Commands
!mute allows the senior tutor to ban someone from speaking on a public char for certain time, in order to fight spammers.

If the command is executed in a public chat channel all users of that channel will be notified of who was muted and why. If the command is executed in non-public channel (e.g., Local Chat) then the message won't appear.

Here is how to use it:
!mute playername*duration*reason
The duration can be anything from a few seconds to 1 hour.

!mute Spammer*5 minutes*spamming: 00:00 Spammer [250]: spamspamspam.

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